When and why do you need re-grounding?
Here's an an interesting question we've received from one of our readers: if in a private...
How and why do you install grounding on a ship?
Installing the ground on a ship is a prerequisite to ensure...
Do I have to install individual grounding for my bath-house?
In the course of construction at his or her land plot every landowner faces...
Please welcome this! The long-awaited book about lightning protection!
Dear friends, We are pleased to announce the long-awaited book about lightning protection, ... 17.03.2016
Do not put away lightning protection for a later time!
Your equipment needs any time of the year. Especially protection from surge that ... 16.03.2016


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Real-life issues

Installation of grounding

Detailed photo and video installation proceduress for various types of grounding.

Grounding in a private house

A very easy and convenient solution that ensures a great result for a century. Off-the-shelf ZANDZ grounding kit designed specifically for easy do-it-yourself installation.

Electrolytic grounding

Electrolytic grounding is designed for permafrost, stony or sandy soils with high electrical resistivity (starting from 300-500 ohm * m) without the use of special equipment and bulk soil.

Modular grounding

Modular grounding is an assembled structure consisting of interconnected copper-bonded steel rods having a length of 1.5 meters.


Free webinars

Educational webinars with leading industry experts for designers, electricians, and the specialists of operations services. Join in!

Webinar series by prof. E. M. Bazelyan: "Questions and issues arising during the design of grounding and lightning protection"

This series of events is aimed at professionals who design and operate modern lightning protection systems. The events are intended to give answers to the most topical and controversial issues in the field.

Grounding. What is it and how to do it.

The basic article on grounding. What is to be grounded, why and how. Comparing classic grounding devices with the new ones based on modern technology.

"Lightning protection of residential and public buildings"

A series of articles to answer frequently asked questions that arise when designing the lightning protection of residential and public buildings.