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With the advancement of technology more mobile and portable equipment appears, which serves for the benefit of people. Expensive portable equipment under an open sky, such as satellite dishes, drones, solar power modules and irrigation modules contain sensitive electronics, which is susceptible to damage from lightning. To protect such objects from lightning, strong, but easily transportable air terminal mast are required, which are capable to divert lightning discharge and avoid big losses.

Typical objects that require portable air terminal masts:

  • mobile satellite antenna, mobile TV rerport units, radar installations;
  • irrigation systems, systems of monitoring and data collection;
  • mobile residential construction, camps or vehicles;
  • aircrafts, UAVs and command centers;
  • oil-field plants;
  • storage place of explosives or fuel;
  • solar panels (batteries) and others.

Specially for the protection of such facilities from lightning, the company LBA Technology, Inc. developed a series of portable air terminal masts, up to 11.6 meters high - lightning protection of PLP series.

Business development specialist Byron Johnson demonstrates a portable kit of lightning protection

Business development specialist Byron Johnson demonstrates a portable kit of lightning protection

Lightweight and robust aluminum masts of lightning protection are designed to meet the standards of the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The masts are supplied with portable or fixed base, as well as fully mobile kits. The kits include portable bases, all the hardware, cover and grounding components. The masts are composed of own production elements, which provide structural integrity and excellent electrical conductivity of the whole structure. In addition, they add up to the length of 20 centimeters, which makes it easy to transport them to distant places on any vehicle! The system is already used by the US Army to protect mobile systems, including satellite dishes.

PLP-lightning protection on the US Army service

PLP-lightning protection on the US Army service

The use of multiple air terminal masts of PLP series can provide protection of extended objects. Protection zones are defined by the use of the conventional method of a "rolling sphere". For example, a PLP-mast 9 meters high will protect mobile structures 2 meters high in the radius of 12 meters. The use of five towers of the specified length will protect the field camp with mobile structures with the area of ​​over 2000 square meters.

Installation of PLP-mast is made by two people in less than an hour. No actions are required for the area preliminary preparation (radius of 1.2 meters). To fix the portable bases sandbags are used. Air terminal masts of PLP series masts are designed for the wind load of 193 km / h.

Installation of PLP-mast

Based on everythign said above, intereference should be drawn that PLP-series lightning protection is a truly unique and cost-effective solution.

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