New Zandz Catalog Is Now Available

Заземление и защита ZANDZ - ZANDZ Grounding and Protection

We are happy to announce the publication of a new catalog that includes comprehensive details on ZANDZ grounding and lightning protection solutions. This is a valuable source of information for professionals engaged in designing and installing these systems.

The catalog offers a detailed description of all of our products intended to provide efficient protection of buildings and structures against lightning. A wide product range includes lightning rod, clamps and holders for current collectors, copper-plated grounding rods, electrolytic grounding electrodes for permafrost and rocky soils, grounding conductors and current collectors made of copper-plated steel.

In addition to the products, the catalog also offers materials describing the calculation of grounding arrangements as well as useful information for the designers (e.g., a table of estimated soil resistivities for multiple soil types).

The ZANDZ catalog will assist you in resolving any lightning protection and grounding issue with its extensive product selection, calculation tools, and installation guidelines.


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