Grounding and lightning protection design: rules, procedures, guidelines

Today, designers and electrical companies are confused with issues related to the proper design of grounding and lightning protection systems. This job, which is difficult by its nature, is additionally complicated by perplexed regulations. Three regulatory documents are in force all at the same time: RD 34.21.122-87, SO 153-34.21.122-2003 and IEC 62305. Each contains rules and recommendations sometimes contradicting each other. 

In order for you not to get confused and make mistakes in the design of grounding and lightning protection, we have created Designers section on our website, which is regularly updated with new articles and webinars.

  1. Webinars for designers led by Eduard Bazelyan, Professor of Krzyzanowski Energy Institute, Moscow, are especially popular among designers. Five webinars on various topics in the design were already held. Of course, there are even more exciting webinars ahead! Sign up and ask the recognized industry expert your questions!
  2. The next meeting will be held on 24.12.14 - The origin of lightning protection zones, their actual capabilities and a negative impact on the optimization of external lightning protection.
  3. (The webinar is held online. All you need is to sign up and turn on your computer at the scheduled time).
  4. Lightning protection of residential and public buildings - answers to frequently asked questions in the design - This article contains six popular topics, from regulations and the frequency of lightning strikes to calculation recommendations and the choice of element receiving the discharges. Every designer should keep the article on hand! 
  5. If you've ever designed a lightning protection system for buildings, you probably know the problem of selecting an appropriate air terminal and the issue of wind load. To help you avoid mistakes in choosing an air terminal mast, we published an article on this subject.
  6. "Grounding and lightning protection design" page is dedicated to the standard designs, making protective equipment cost estimates and completing works for a variety of facilities:

We will be happy to answer your questions on the selection, design, and installation of ground loops and external lightning protection! Our contacts can be found here.

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