Collection of Materials for Lightning Protection of Educational Institutions

Kindergartens and preschools, secondary and special schools, colleges, institutes are public buildings that evidently require lightning protection. Protection of preschoolers, students, and their mentors is an important and responsible task. According to RD 34.21.122-87, such buildings should be protected from lightning in accordance with Category III (zone B). The second regulatory document, SO 153-34.21.122-2003, classifies this facility type as conventional, for which a system with any of four categories is provided with the reliability at least 0.8. Such an ambiguous new GOST R 59789-2021 first offers to assess risks in accordance with GOST R IEC 62305-1-2010 and GOST R IEC 62305-2-2010, and then start developing the protection system.

We have created a collection of calculations and solutions for lightning protection and grounding for educational institutions of various types. We are happy if this helps in developing actually efficient and durable systems.

Designs and solutions:

  1. Typical Design "Lightning Protection and Grounding for a School"
  2. Lightning Protection and Grounding for a Preschool Education Facility (PEF)
  3. Lightning Protection for a Cadet School
  4. Lightning Protection and Grounding for an Arts School in the Irkutsk Region
  5. Lightning Protection for a Children's and Youth Sports School in the Leningrad Region
  6. Lightning Protection for a Secondary School
  7. Lightning protection of the college in the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District
  8. Lightning Protection for a College
  9. Lightning protection of the Kindergarten


  1. Lightning Protection Classes
  2. Are Active Lightning Arresters Really Active?
  3. How Many Current Collectors Should Be Made to Provide Lightning Protection?
  4. Grounding and Lightning Protection Design
  5. Service for calculation of the lightning protection system reliability and probability of the lightning strike into the facility


  1. Grounding and Lightning Protection: Issues and Problems Associated with Designing (A Series of Webinars).
  2. Webinar "Calculation of Lightning Protection Reliability for Any Facility for 30 Minutes using the ZANDZ Calculation Service".

Might be interesting:

  1. Video of an Unusual Lightning Strike to a Kindergarten in Pushkino, Moscow Region.
  2. Lightning Strike At School in New Zealand.
  3. Court Has Ordered to Oblige the District Administration to Provide Lightning Protection Systems for Secondary Schools.

Do you want us to develop a solution to protect any educational institution, free of charge? Please contact the ZANDZ Technical Center! Typical calculation period is 2-3 times!

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