Collection of Materials for Lightning Protection of Office Buildings

Collection of Materials for Lightning Protection of Office Buildings

Office buildings are an important part of a city. Damage of equipment located on the roof by the lightning strike or fire in the building are not acceptable. The lightning protection for this type of building is mandatory. The used building solutions vary from brick or assembled reinforced concrete structures to futuristic designs made of glass and steel. It is challenging to develop lightning protection systems. We should take into account many aspects affecting the future system.

We have prepared a collection of solutions, designs, and information required to develop lightning protection and grounding systems for office buildings on your own. Please see it in details.

Designs and solutions:

  1. Lightning Protection Design for an Administration Buildin
  2. Lightning Protection Design for an Expocenter Exhibition Complex
  3. Exemplary Lightning Protection System for an Office Building of a Large Company
  4. Lightning Protection for an Office Building with Chillers Installed on the Roof
  5. Lightning Protection for a Glass Building 
  6. Lightning protection of the office building of the "Russian Post"
  7. Lightning protection of a multifunctional complex in Moscow
  8. Lightning Protection and Grounding for a Business Center in the Leningrad Region
  9. Lightning Protection for Parking Space with Offices in the Krasnodar Territory
  10. Video of a Lightning Protection Design of A Public Building in Moscow


  1. What Should We Protect from Direct Lightning Strike?
  2. Lightning Rod Types: Rod, Wire, and Grid.
  3. Do We Need to Install a Lightning Grid Over a Flat Reinforced Concrete Roof?
  4. How Many Current Collectors Should Be Made to Provide Lightning Protection?
  5. Lightning Protection of Residential and Public Buildings: FAQs for Design


  1. Software for Calculating Lightning Protection Reliability of Any Facility That Takes 30 Minutes. Speaker: Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan
  2. Lightning Protection for an Operated Roof. Speaker: Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan
  3. Solutions for Residential and Public Facilities (Hospitals, Offices, Shops, etc.) Speaker: Dmitry Krasnoborov
  4. Features of Lightning Protection of High-Rise Structures. Speaker: Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan

Do you want us to develop a solution to protect an office building, free of charge? Please contact the ZANDZ Technical Center!

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