New ZANDZ Lightning Rod and Holder for Installation on Inclined Roofs

ZZ-201-002-16 Lightning Rod

2 meters high ZANDZ ZZ-201-002-16 lightning rod can be used to receive the lightning discharge and is a convenient solution for lightning protection of inclined roofs. When used in a combination with a special holder ZZ-203-003, the lightning rod can be installed on the roof ridge thus providing the efficient protection of the extending part of the building. Since is it produced from stainless steel as a pipe with the wall thickness 2 mm, it has a strong and light design, and M16 thread provides its use together with special holders.

ZANDZ ZZ-203-003 Securing attachment

Ridge holder ZANDZ ZZ-203-003 has an increased size of support plates to improve installation reliability, and its structure allows connecting the current collector made as a D8-10 mm wire of any material. The holder is recommended to be secured to the roof ridge beam.
The product material provides a long-term service and aesthetic appearance. It is made in Russia.


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