Is it possible to paint lightning rods?

To protect the equipment against lightning effects of the environment, many people paint separate elements. However, it is often raises some doubts and questions regarding the correctness of such a solution. It is possible to get rid of the doubt with the help of the industry standard 153-34.21.122-2003. According to the recommendations on the operation of lightning protection devices, during the inspection and verification of lightning protection devices it is recommended to determine the extent of corrosion destruction of individual elements of the lightning protection devices, take measures on corrosion protection and strengthening of corroded elements, also with the help of painting.

talking about natural lightning rods,it is  reasonable to take care about coating. Point of the industry standard 153-34.21.122-2003 states that the metal roofs of protected objects with the metal thickness of 4 mm can be considered as natural lightning rods, provided that the roof has no insulating coating. Thus a small layer of anticorrosive paint, or a layer of asphalt pavement 0.5 mm thick or 1 mm layer of plastic coating are not considered to be insulation.

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