New product from ZANDZ! Hurry to learn more!

Dear friends!

We are happy to present a long-awaited new product to you! In the catalog, high-rise wire-rope lightning protection has made an appearance.

This solution is an external lightning protection system in which the functions of a lightning rod are carried out by a wire that is suspended above the protected object on special supports.

Тросовая молниезащита

The main advantage of wire-rope lightning protection over rod lightning protection are as follows:

  • high efficiency, i.e. the possibility to reduce the number of failures and increase durability.
  • reduces the secondary effects of lightning on the object;
  • there is no need to mount an additional structure to the protected object.

It should also be noted that the wire-rope lightning protection system is a Russian technology that has no other equivalents.

The following solutions, presented on this website, are perfect for installing a wire-rope lightning protection device:

Our Technical Center will be happy to help you to select an appropriate solution for wire-rope lightning protection and grounding devices!