Lightning Protection and Grounding for a Tank Farm Located in Dikson

The ZANDZ Technical Centre has received a request to calculate lightning protection and grounding arrangement for the tank farm located in Dikson. Let's consider what solution was provided.

Lightning protection and grounding for a tank farm located in Dikson

Calculation data:

  • facility: tank farm located in Dikson;

  • soil resistivity 1000 Ohm*m.



  • To calculate the lightning protection system and a grounding arrangement.



The activities have been performed according to:

- EIC, Rev. 7. Electrical Installations Code (hereinafter referred to as the EIC);

- SO 153-34.21.122-2003 Instructions for Mounting Lightning Protection for Buildings, Structures, and Industrial Utilities (hereinafter referred to as SO);

- RD 34.21.122-87 Instructions for Mounting Lightning Protection for Buildings and Structures (hereinafter referred to as RD).


The facility is classified as Category 2 according to RD.


A set of measures to meet the necessary requirements to the lightning protection system and grounding arrangement for the tank farm includes the following solutions:

1. 16 m standalone lightning rods are used as lightning arresters.

2. Reservoir bodies are connected to the grounding arrangement in at least 2 points.

3. Electrolytic grounding sets ZZ-100-102 are used as grounding arrangements, and the distance between electrodes and from the electrodes to the foundations/piles of the facility is at least 3 m.

4. A steel copper-plated bar with cross-section 30 x 4 mm is used as a horizontal grounding arrangement combining all electrodes. Bar deepening is 0.5 to 0.7 m.

5. The grounding arrangement is connected using clamps ZZ-005-064.


Ground terminal resistance calculation:

Resistance of the electrolytic grounding set ZZ-100-102 is:

Calculation of ZZ-100-102 set resistance

Ом - Ohm

where   С is a dimensionless factor describing the electrolyte concentration in the surrounding soil, 0.125;

ρ – is soil equivalent resistivity, 1,000 Ohms m;

L is vertical electrode length, 2.4 m;

d is vertical electrode diameter, 0.065 m;

T deepening; is the distance from the ground surface to the ground electrode, 0.6 m;


Horizontal electrode resistance:

Calculation of horizontal arrangement

Гор - Hor
Ом - Ohm

where    ρ – is soil resistivity, 1,000 Ohm·m;

b - is horizontal electrode width, 0.03 m;

h - is horizontal electrode depth, 0.5 m;

Lhor is horizontal electrode length, 170 m.


Electrical impedance of the grounding arrangement:

Full grounding resistance

Ом - Ohm

where n – is a number of sets, vertical grounding arrangements - 4 pcs, horizontal grounding arrangement - 1 pc;

Kutil – is utilization ratio, sets ZZ-100-102 - 0.99; horizontal grounding arrangement - 0.7.


The calculated resistance of the grounding arrangement is 6,9 Ohm.

The layout of the equipment is shown in Figure 1.

Lightning protection and grounding for a tank farm located in Dikson

Условные обозначения: - Legend:
- молниеприемник-мачта высотой 16 м - lightning rod 16 m high
- полоса стальная оцинкованная сечением 30х4 мм - steel zinc-plated bar, cross-section 30 x 4 mm
- зажим для подключения проводника - conductor connecting clamp
- комплект электролитического заземления zz-100-102 - zz-100-102 electrolytic grounding set
- зона R = 5 м, H = 2,5 м над дыхательными клапанами, подлежащая защите - protected zone R = 5 m, H = 2.5 m over breathing valves
- зона защиты на высоте 1 м для II категории - protection zone at the height 1 m for category II

Figure 1. Equipment layout.


The list of necessary materials is given in Table 1.


Table 1. List of needed materials.

Part number Name Quantity, pcs. Unit weight, kg Note
1. ZZ-201-016-В7-Сн7-С10 ZANDZ 16 m vertical lightning arrester (zinc-plated steel; with parts embedded under the foundation) 4   Ветровой р-н – 7; снеговой – 7; сейсмичность - 10
2. ZZ-100-102 ZANDZ Electrolytic Grounding Set (horizontal; 3 meters length) 4 95  
3. ZZ-005-064 ZANDZ Conductor connection terminal (up to 40 mm) 31 0,312  
4. ZZ-007-030 ZANDZ Waterproofing tape 6 0,40  
5. GL-11075-50 GALMAR Copper-clad strip (30*4 mm / S 120 mm²; 50-meter strip bundle) 5 0,98 Вес 1 м

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