The holiday season is declared as open!

The holiday season is declared as open!

Dear friends! Congratulations on the first spring days!

Spring is the perfect time for work in our gardens;  we remove the last snow and clean the flower beds. But apart from planting vegetables, warm weather makes us think about  also electrical safety in as well.

Owners of country / private houses should check the wiring for damage to not get nasty surprises in future.

In spring the frozen ground thaws, and this time is great to arrange grounding. For example, we offer the kit ZZ-6.

kit ZZ-6

The kit consists of:

Due to the fact that the kit is installed as a single ground electrode (single point) with an ordinary manual sledgehammer, the whole process takes no more than two hours, and the work amount is minimal.

Here the whole process is described in detail.

Purpose: ZZ-6 is designed for reliable grounding in a private house. If you connect the external lightning protection system to the ground electrode or if you have a gas boiler, use longer kits. 

kit ZZ-000-015

For example, the universal kit ZZ-000-015 consisting of ten 1.5 meter threaded pins and other components ensuring to arrange grounding presented by three grounding electrodes.

Besides, ZZ-000-015 is mounted with a pile hammer making the grounding pin immersion easier.

Remember about safety of your house!

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