Some installers and designers consider surge protection devices an "unnecessary" equipment. And recommend external lightning protection and grounding for the protection of the building. Neglecting internal lightning protection, we will jeopardize the integrity of electrical appliances.

If the electrical network of your office or home will get the lightning current impulse. Imagine how much money you will have to pay for the restoration of the equipment? While you hold calculations, we will present real life cases, when the presence of the SPD would save money and time.



Cases when the SPD would be useful

On 1 June 2016 a lightning strike provoked an overvoltage in the electrical line in the room of Ludzensky board agency in Latvia. In the result , video surveillance system, fire and burglar alarms, as well as computers were damaged and could not be restored. The total cost of damage was 16 thousand lats.

On 1 August 2016 in one of the forums on the design of lightning protection, one user shared a story. Equipment at a petrol station was destroyed during a lightning storm: cash register, a modem and fuel columns. The complex was equipped with an external lightning protection and grounded. But impulse overvoltages found a way out through a telephone line.

Benefit from using SPD

From all the said above, you can draw only one conclusion - do not save up on the overvoltage protection. SPD will prevent losses and protect the equipment. What will get if it is present?

  • safe pulse energy discharge at atmospheric surges;
  • output of switching surges that arise directly inside an electrical circuit;
  • savings on the purchase of new equipment.

How to choose SPD?

The devices are classified according to the influences to which they are exposed. It can be pulsed currents with the waveform 10/350 ms, 8/20 ms or 1.2 / 50 microseconds. Depending on the probability and magnitude of these effects, there are three SPD classes. Use the ready manual, which contains basic information and select the desired device. If you are looking for protection for a summer house or cottage, the manual on the organization of reliable protection for a single -family house will help you to choose it.

Lightning current passage almost never takes place without damage to the appliances. They break the insulation of electrical appliances through, disabling them. Install surge protection - SPD! Anticipate the consequences and save your money. Ask our technicians about selection and assistance.

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