The story of how lightning protection has been developing in Russia and in the world

The first studies of lightning and the development of lightning protection methods began over 250 years ago. Despite this, modern lightning protection still leaves many questions open. We asked Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan to tell about the history of lightning protection and some interesting facts from the work of the Laboratory of mathematical modelling of electrical processes (ENIN to the name of Krzhizhanowsky). The laboratory, now headed by Professor E.M. Bazelyan, was formed in 1936 and became a place of unique discoveries in physics of lightning and discharges, often accompanied by world records. 

Learn more about the history of lightning protection from the video lectures by Professor Eduard Meerovitch Bazelyan!

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Moment in history Time code
1 The first scientific studies of lightning
 The middle of the XVIII century, the study of Benjamin Franklin and the reaction of Mikhail Lomonosov on these studies.
2 The beginning of studies on the physics of long sparks,  
(late 19th - early 20th century, the theory of avalanches by John Sealy Edward Townsend; the question of how a long spark channel was developing from the cloud to the ground.)
3 Studies of long spark physics in the USSR,
(1930s, Gleb Krzhizhanovsky initiated the study of long spark physics; research by Ilya Stekolnikov, the discovery of a long spark leader)
4 Experiments of Vadim Stepanovich Komelkov
 Studies of long sparks, unexpected business trip.
5 The activities of the laboratory during Wold War II and the post-war time
(The studies of lightning during World War II and after it;construction of a 3,000,000 V surge generator; the era of world records, creation of a pulse oscillograph, development of non-inductive cylindrical bridges, pursuit for the perfect current leader recordings, creation of a Russian electro-optical converter).
6 The activities of the laboratory during the late 1950s - 1960s
Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan joins Kzhyzhanovsky Institute, a new level of the laboratory's operations, lightning simulation, studies of the result dependence on the voltage pulse front.
7 The leader mechanism of sparks and lightning 00:35:35
8 About the role of streamer zone and special charge sheath 00:37:02
9 The elementary theory of leadership 00:38:58
10 The history of Russian protection zones 00:40:05
11 About the way of lightning
What way lightning "chooses": the short or the longer one? Krzhyzhanovsky's Institute statistical method development
12 Methodical bases of calculation of the number of lightning strikes into overhead lines 00:45:41
13 Recording of the number of strikes into the Ostankino television tower 00:47:06
14 Features of ENIN statistical methodology and its application 00:48:23
15 The study of lightning corona by Valery Ivanovich Popkov 00:52:14
16 Experiment "Triggered lightning" (about the charge cloud) 00:55:33
17 Research of corona discharge in an electric field of a thunderstorm cloud 00:55:33
18 Practical application of corona discharge studies
About dissipation array systems that prevent the formation of a counter-leader and, consequently, a direct lightning strike into an object
19 What active lightning protection really does 01:06:50
20 Grounding for lightning protection 
About electrical fields and behavior of lightning current in the ground.
21 Collaboration between Krzhyzhanovsky's Institute, High Temperatures Institute of RAS and RF SRC TRINITY
About the creation of a surge-current generator with the voltage of 2 mV and energy of 4 MJ, as well as studies carried out using this generator
22 The final word 
About lightning protection conference, standard documentation and urgent task of lightning protection, wish to the younger generation of researchers.

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