Lightning protection data centers: Google case


Lightning protection data centers: Google case

Google lost 0.000001% of user data in the result of the four lightning strikes -  as BBC reports.The incident took place on August 13 in Belgium, where the data center of the Internet giant is located. It supports operation of the service on the cloud The Google Compute Engine (GCE). As Google representative reported, despite the fact that some of the data center equipment recovered, switching to backup power, some recent data was in the storage areas that were more susceptible to power outages. Due to the fact that many disks were damaged, the consequences were not long in coming - many users lost access to their files permanently.

That's a really cautionary tale about the need to ensure your data with a reliable protection not only on a virtual level, but also physical. Let's remember what we know about data protection.

Currently, the importance of a data center or data processing centers (DPC) can not be overstated, because they perform a huge number of tasks for a human: processing, storage and transmission of information of every kind. Now not only large IT companies have their own data centers, but also small enterprises of any kind of activity do: production, sales, services and so forth. Given that all the work can be based on the exchange of information between the supplier and the customer of services, network integrity and quality play an important role for all of its "members". For example, for a telecommunications company that provides services for Internet connection, the quality and speed of connection is the main indicator for assessing the level of the whole company, and the main factor of customer retention. And, for example, for a research institute that has been collecting data for decades, accidents and malfunctions in the storage equipment can cost even many years of work. That is why it is critical to deliver data center equipment from possible risks associated with short-circuit or pickups. For that, a kit of equipment consisting of grounding, external and internal lightning protection is used (surge protection).

By providing the data center with a reliable protection, you get not only stable operation of this sensitive system, but also of the whole company! Just imagine, you will get rid of many troubles, eliminating possibile damage of expensive equipment! Certainly it will save you a lot of time and thousands of dollars to repair!

Protect your data centre, using reliable ground systems, external lightning protection and  surge protection

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