Grounding for electrical equipment of a swimming pool

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29.08.14                      , 

Grounding for electrical equipment of a swimming pool

Electrical equipment of a swimming pool is an integral part of the electrical installation at home, as well as any other devices: lamps, a tea kettle or a washing machine. The entire power supply network should be arranged in accordance with the regulations in force.

The swimming pool and electrical accessories installed near it are high-risk facilities.  In this regard, apart from arranging  protective grounding of the electrical installation input at a house and installing the main potential equalization system, it is required to install an additional potential equalization system right at the swimming pool. It bears reminding that according to the requirements of the Electrical Installation Code, within TN-C-S System, double earthing resistance in 380V network should not exceed 30 Ohm. 

Apart from the other, the conductive parts not belonging to electrical accessories and touchable simultaneously are connected to the additional potential equalization system with the help of single conductors. These are metal water pipes, supporting structures of the pool deck, and so on. When plastic pipes are connected to the EBS, metal valves are at the input. 

This system is a backup to the main equipotential bonding system. These measures taken enable you to create paths for short-circuit current and leakage current flows when electrical faults occur, thereby creating the conditions for protective device operation.


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