Copper or steel? Comparison of ground electrode systems' materials


Grounding Galvanized Steel Bar

Stainless steel

Copper earthing steel rod

Important criteria of the ground electrode is its conductivity and durability. When installing a ground electrode into the ground, there is a risk that the ground may be too thick or have stones, breaking coating integrity. To keep the ground electrode in good operation for many years, it must be protected from mechanical and environmental effects, and as a consequence, corrosion, which leads to the destruction of the electrode and grounding system inactivation.

Nowadays, manufacturers and trading companies offer ground electrodes, different in the design and the materials which they are made of. For example, copper-bonded steel rods or stainless steel pins. Ground electrodes of these materials when immersed into the ground and being in it for a long time can behave quite differently. To tell you all the differences of popular materials used in grounding, we prepared a new article on our site!

See a comparison of copper-bonded, galvanized and stainless steel, and see why copper-bonded steel is a step ahead, in our new article "Copper-bonded steel and grounding"!

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