Looking for ground or lightning seller in your city? Here is the solution!
Visit our Expert Club, which brings together the suppliers of grounding and lightning protection goods and services in your area! In addition to sales, our Experts also provide installation, engineering, grounding resistance measurement services among other.*

How to find a supplier of goods and services in the Expert Club:

Step 1. Go to ZANDZ Experts page.

expert club ZANDZ

Step 2. Select the required service and region. To select the region of interest is enough to write the first letters and you will see a list of cities. Click Search button.

Select the required service and region


Step 3. The list of Experts according to parameters you've set is shown. For each Expert, region, specialization, rating, as well as ZANDZ* certificate is indicated. For more information about the Expert, as well as his/her contacts, click on the name.

The list of Experts

Save your time with ZANDZ! Use the filter to find a supplier of grounding and lightning protection!  

* Please confirm with the Experts the list of services provided, as well as delivery and work performance times.

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