What a dissipation array system is?

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Previously, we held two webinars and published an article on the system of external lightning protection, which is called Dissipation Array® System. Literally, it translates as "the system of scattering of thunderstorms" that works on the principle of lightning object isolation. What does this dissipation array system represent itself? We offer you to find out more, examining the new material on our website - "Dissipation array system- system of complete isolation from a lightning strike"

In the material you will find:

  • The system operational principle

    • suppression of upward leader formation from the protected area;

    • delay of downward leader distribution process into the protected area;

    • suppression of any upward streamer rising from the protected area.

  • Typical scheme of dissipation array device operation

Typical scheme of dissipation array device operation

Объемный заряд предотвращает рост лидера – special charge prevents leader’s growth

Зона защиты – protection zone

Индуцированный заряд – induced charge

  • Advantages of the system
    • elimination of lightning secondary effects;

    • Possibility to use on objects for which the flow of the lightning current over the construction is undesirable;

    • improvement of personnel safety.

You can also find constructions of dissipaton array systems and examples of use.

Learn more about dissipation array system on a separate page.

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