Webinar video "Answers to your questions about grounding and lightning protection"

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Answers to your questions on grounding and lightning protection

Perhaps one of the most exciting webinar with Prof. Edward Meerovitch Bazelyan on the design of grounding and lightning protection was held the recent Wednesday. This is primarily due to the fact that the online meeting was based on questions which we received during the webinars.

We present the video of the webinar to your attention «Answers to your questions on grounding and lightning protection" from 24 June 2015.

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Questions which the professor answered during the webinar:

Foundation and grounding (time: 2:50)

  • Is it possible to calculate parameters of reinforced concrete foundation options according to GOST 12.1.030-81, which regulates their use as grounding devices?

Protection of substations and switchgear (time: 9:13)

  • How to make lightning protection of switch houses made of sandwich panels?
  • Is it possible to use catenary-wire lightning rods on the territory of substations and switchgear?
  • Can lighting protection mesh, located on the roof of the building let the lightning go by?
  • What standards to follow when choosing the material of a grounding device?
  • How to make grounding of fire fightning equipment at the substation of 110-220 kV. Is it necessary to have a separate contour inside the substation or is it possible to use a common one?

Lightning protection of communication objects (time: 41:15)

  • Are there specific standards and calculation methods?
  • How is lightning protection of antenna systems carried out?

Roofs of residential buildings and lightning protection (time: 47:01)

  • Is it possible to use the cover of a residential building as a lightning rod?
  • Should climate-control machines located on the roofs of the buildings be protected against lightning? If yes, then how?

Grounding of special equipment (time: 53:32)

  • Who makes demands: customer, manufacturer or  state standards?
  • At what distance to put an individual ground electrode system from the lightning rod ground electrode? Why to do that?

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