Video: lightning strike into the church!

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29.05.15                           , 

A 16-year-old Carl Bouley from Grand Island, the United States made incredible shots. During a thunderstorm on May 27, lightning hit the cross on the church roof, causing a bright flash and a tremendous roar. Carl and his friends were in the building in front and they had been waiting for the storm to stop, shooting everyrhing on a camera. We recommend to reduce the volume before watching this video. 

Carl posted this video on his Facebook page and has scored more than 140 000 viewings. According to the fire chief of Grand Island city, Gary Campbell, lightning already struck this church in 2007 and it led to the fire, which inflicted minor damage. There were consequences this time too: a small part of the roof was destroyed and a part of the wiring inside the church burned. Several houses near the church also received some damage in the form of burnt equipment due to the secondary effects of lightning.

We recommend to protect buildings with modern lightning protection and surge protection devices in order to avoid consequences.

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