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For the past eight webinars with Professor E.M. Bazelyan we had received a lot of questions on the design of lightning protection and grounding. The questions were so interesting and popular, so we organized a special webinar in which Eduard Meerovitch would answer them!

"Answers to your questions about the grounding and lightning protection"

Date: June 24 at 11-00 Moscow time
For whom is the webinar: for designers, electricians, maintenance organizations technicians
Venue: online (requires Internet access from your computer)
Cost: free
Duration: 60-90 minutes

The long-awaited webinar!

Groups of questions for the discussion:

  1. Energy facilities and substations.
  2. Telecommunication facilities.
  3. Sensitive medical equipment:
  4. Lightning protection of residential buildings.
  5. Other questions and theses.

See full list of questions here.

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