Interview with a designer from Novosibirsk!

Dear friends, we are pleased to present to you another interview with the ZANDZ Expert. Let us remind you, that all the interlocutors whom we invite into our categories are qualified specialists with special experience in the field of grounding and lightning protection. These people successfully apply their knowledge and skills acquired in their work and are willing to share its secrets for free

Interview with a designer from Novosibirsk

Today, the Director of "SvyazNsk" LLC Yatsukov Vladimir Yurievich became our respondent . The organization is located in the city of Novosibirsk and specializes in ready-made design solutions for the construction of communication networks. The wide range of services includes engineering surveys, development of design and working documents, as well as the actual construction and operation of constructed objects of communication.
As Vladimir Yuryevich reported, he did not have to deal with lightning protection often, mainly his work is related to grounding of facilities and communication equipment. In view of the fact that communication objects are a priority area, then standard solutions are mainly used.

  • Vladimir Yurievich, do you often have to deal with the impossible demands of customers? For example, not to spoil the facade.
  • Constantly, especially when working on operating facilities: business centers, etc. By the way, it is the requirements of the owners that pushed me in a certain period to seek solutions on grounding that could minimize the works affecting the safety improvement and appearance of the object.
  • Please tell us about the stages of the grounding design.
  • Basically, the design of grounding begins with the budget estimates at the site, in particular, the proportion dedicated to grounding. Then comes a brainstorm. You can't go without it. It is very difficult to observe technological requirements and standards, and carry out works within the allotted budget.

The expert explained that the calculation and design of objects in most cases is not possible in the workplace. In this regard, site visits are obligatory. Only standard solutions, such as installation of supports, can be an exception. Our guest advises the designers to carefully read the terms of reference of the customer to comply with the rules and regulations, then the result won't be slow to arrive.

Photo of Vladimir Yuryevich at his work place
Photo of Vladimir Yuryevich at his work place

  • Vladimir Yurievich, what is the most interesting in the designer's work to your mind?
  • The most entertaining in the designer's work is that over time, driving across the city, you realize that each building, each object has a part of your labor. This track is not visible from the point of view of the inhabitant, it is only in scale.
  • Do you use materials from the site in your projects? What is your experience with
  • Yes, we mainly use information from the site in the development of the drawings. We consider our cooperation experience with positive. At a certain period there was quite a large number of stationary objects, which required design of grounding systems. After evaluating the offers of many suppliers we came to the conclusion that the ZANDZ products are optimal for our facilities and the documentation available online helped us to establish an understanding of the customer when using these products instead of traditional ways of organizing grounding. project thanks Yatsukov Vladimir Yurievich for cooperation and answers provided to questions.
This material is based on a written reply to a list of questions about design of grounding and lightning protection. Answers are given at no charge.

Interview with a designer from Novosibirsk

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