Interview of the ZANDZ Technical center for the TV channel "360"!

Rainy weather, lightning and thunder from the beginning of the summer haunt the residents of the central part of Russia. The owners of summer homes in many regions, including Moscow, actively mount lightning rods on their houses, fearing for the lives of relatives and integrity of electrical appliances. This season, the pursuit of safe housing has become very topical, and the new trend did not pass the local TV channel 360. The journalist of the television company, trying to sort out the issue of using lightning rods, asked the Technical Center ZANDZ for an advice.

Answers to questions are provided by Julia Salamatina - Principal Consultant for Commercial Affairs of the Technical Center ZANDZ. The video can be viewed by clicking on the image. Air time is limited and it is not sufficient for a detailed description of external lightning protection, therefore we publish a number of responses that are not included into the release. They are no less important when choosing a protection against lightning and its secondary impacts.

Interview of the ZANDZ Technical center for the TV channel

  •  Julia, please tell us if the weather affects the demand of lightning rods?
  • Yes, of course, it does. In the period of storm activity, the demand for lightning protection elements increases. Although installation of lightning protection, of course, must be done in more favorable weather conditions, in order to avoid lightning strike during the execution of works.
  • Julia, can you perform installation of a lightning rod yourself?
  • Yes, the installation can be carried out both independently and by a specialized organization. This is no big deal. But, if you decide to carry out the work yourself, it would be better to make a pre-calculation of lightning protection system configuration for your house. Because lightning must be met  by a lightning rod and safely drained to the ground electrodes by the conductors. In addition, it is necessary to protect yourself from step voltage in case you find yourself in a thunderstorm on the street, as well as to protect your house appliances from the induced potential of lightning.
  • Julia, what kinds of lightning protection are most common?
  • Traditional lightning rods are most frequently used for lightning protection, which are installed on the roof or around the building. It is also possible to protect from lightning with the help of lightning protection mesh or active lightning protection. The most effective way to protect against lightning according to Professor Bazelyan, a recognized expert in the field of lightning protection, is catenary wire lightning protection. The principle of operation is tension of a ground wire between two lightning rods, for example, along the ridge of the roof or along the perimeter - in case of a flat roof. But let me precise, that there is no ready solution or typical configuration. It is necessary to perform an individual calculation and to choose the most suitable option for every building.

Lightning is able to cause a fire in your house, so to ensure peace of mind for yourself and safety of property, you should install lightning protection. Do you want to install protection in your house? Send our request to the Technical Center ZANDZ and they will calculate the configuration for free!
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