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In today's world, it happens quite often when organization of a complete lightning protection system is impossible, impractical or the measures taken are not sufficient to fully protect people and equipment.

For example, we are talking about various construction sites, light constructions, open-air public places. In all these cases, the most effective measure of protection is the timely evacuation of people and disabling of sensitive systems.

To solve this task you need equipment that can accurately predict the onset of a thunderstorm, providing sufficient time for taking necessary measures. The new system THOR GUARD is the solution.

THOR GUARD is a system of warning about lightning, developed and produced in the United States. The basic version of the system consists of a hyperstatic sensor, located in the open sky visibility area (eg on the roof), and the base unit, located within the building (within 60 meters from the hyperstatic sensor).

Система Thor

Variants of the base unit (functional performances)

  1. L75T - has one relay output +12V for the use with an external alarm system and a USB interface for connection to a computer;
  2. L75i - has 2 relay putputs ,in addition to the basic functionality, for connection to an external alarm system with determination of all four alarm levels;
  3. L75B - In addition to the basic functionality can control an external system of sound warning "Voice of Thor";
  4. L75R - In addition to the basic functionality can control an external system of sound warming "Voice of Thor" over a radio channel (to connect remote systems of the sound warning).

The warning system can be supplemented with software for displaying system information, data archiving and sending alarm signals via email and other channels. In addition, it is possible to optionally carry out automatic control of external systems, for example, a power outage, shutdown of the system part, etc.

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System operation example scenario

Every thunderstorm produces a unique "electric trace" on the earth's surface, and by this trace, you can determine the place where the lightning discharge will occur. The size and shape of the electric trace depends on many factors, such as seasons, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, air temperature, altitude, etc. Considering that all these factors can change over a few minutes or even seconds, the electric trace also changes, so changes the place of the highest probability of the lightning discharge.

THOR GUARD technology warns when the electrical trace moves in your area and when it leaves the area, thus providing automatic notification of when to stop and when to resume work.

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