Grounding and lightning protection of telecommunication facilities

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Grounding and lightning protection of telecommunication facilities

Telecommunication towers, cellular, radio relay communication and television broadcasting units are located in remote, isolated areas, and are easy targets for the insidious lightning. Electronic equipment located on these towers is especially sensitive to direct lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference. Considering the remoteness of telecommunication facilities from the city, damage repair sometimes drags on for a long time. Such downtime costs a lot of money for telecommunications companies and they also threatened a loss of customers who were dissatisfied with the quality or lack of signal.

It is therefore necessary to provide facilities of this kind with reliable lightning protection and grounding systems, which are able to reduce or eliminate losses. project offers its assistance in the organization of grounding and lightning protection of telecommunication facilities by providing support in the selection and design of the required equipment.

Solution example for a telecom solution:

Solution example for a telecom solution

  1. Modular grounding (deep-laid or surface electrodes of copper-bonded rods);
  2. Modular grounding: ready kit for container objects ZZ-000-424;
  3. Electrolytic grounding (for soils with high specific electrical resistance
  4. (e.g., permafrost or rocky ones));
  5. Grounding conductors D10 mm (made of copper-bonded steel);
  6. External lightning protection (lightning rods, clamps for down conductors);
  7. Down conductors D8 mm (copper-bonded steel conductors).

To protect against secondary effects of lightning - electromagnetic interference, it is necessary to equip telecommunication facilities  with Surge Protection Devices (SPDs). 

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