Example of lightning protection calculation for a multi-residential apartment block

One of our clients turned to us for assistance in the design of lightning protection for an eight-section multi-storey residential building.

(An example of a multi-residential building on the photo).

The problem was as follows:

1. Lightning protection components

Create one lightning protection specification based on Galmar equipment for 8 sections. Show connection nodes on layouts with the reference to specifications. Lightning protection meshed cage made of steel wire D = 8 mm laid at the rooftop is used as an air terminal. The step of the meshed cage is maximum 10 m.
Rebars at least 8 mm in diameter embedded in reinforced concrete walls are used as down conductors. 

 2. Grounding components

Pile rebars are used as vertical ground electrode system. As a horizontal earth electrode used reinforcement cage pile cap.
All metal elements protruding over the roof of the building (ventilation shafts, metal ladders, etc.) must be connected to the building's steel structures.

 ZANDZ.com experts have analyzed the situation and proposed the following solution:

Install a system of lightning protection rods, meshed cages to provide a necessary level of protection reliability against direct lightning strikes. The chart clearly shows the protection zone provided by the properly located lightning protection air terminals.

A part of the circuit is shown in the image below.
Example of lightning protection calculation for a multi-residential apartment block



Зона защиты на отметке +52.770

Protection zone at +52.770 elevation

Зона защиты на отметке +57.960

Protection zone at 57.960 elevation

Заземление и молниезащита на ZANDZ.com

Grounding and Lightning protection on ZANDZ.com


   The final specification includes 12 elements of the exterior lightning protection system elements totaling to 2,234 pieces and 4,000 meters of copper-bonded wire:

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