Example of Lightning Protection for a Vertical Stock Tank (VST) Using a Software at ZANDZ.com. Video

Guidelines SO 153-34.21.122-2003, item 3.3.1, generally provide for the use of, during the selection of lightning arresters, the software capable of calculating the lightning breakthrough probability to the protection facilities. This recommendation is based on complexity of protection zone calculation in case of multiple lightning rods due to their mutual influence.

A certified lightning protection calculation software recommended for use in SO 153-34.21.122-2003 is freely available at ZANDZ. The software is based on a statistical technique to determine the lightning breakthrough probability to the protection facilities and provides a result as a lightning protection reliability value which corresponds to the desired protection level according to Table 2.2. The use of the ZANDZ calculation service allows designing the optimum lightning arrester system by minimizing strikes to the system while, at the same time, providing the highest possible facility protection. By modelling the system online, you can receive data on protection reliability changes related to the lightning rods movements relative to the protected facility.

Denis Pozdniakov, an engineer of the ZANDZ Technical Center, will tell us how to perform lightning protection calculations in the service described above using a steel vertical stock tank as an example. Watch this video to learn how to set the protected facility, place lightning rods and get a calculation result within several minutes:

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