Service for calculations of lightning protection system reliability

Dear colleagues, we want to remind you that on site there is a service for calculation of a probability of a lightning strike into the object, protected by lightning rods. The users of this tool can check the reliability of lightning protection system and make a most rational and correct lightning protection project. At the same time, it is possible to provide the reduction of cost of the structure and installation works at the expense of the reduction of unnecessary “safety margin” and the use of lower and cheaper lightning rods. The correct calculation allows to achieve a fewer number of lightning strikes into the system, reducing secondary negative consequences, which is especially important at the object with multiple electronic devices (number of lightning strikes reduces with the reduction of rod lightning rods’ height).

It is possible to calculate the efficiency of the planned lightning protection with the help of the service and the parameters will be clear:

  • Probability of a lightning breakthrough into the system objects (protection system reliability is defined as 1 minus its probability value);
  • Number of lightning strikes into the system per year;
  • Number of lightning breakthroughs bypassing the protection, per year.

The compute core of the service was developed by the G.M. Krzhyzhanovsky Energy Institute at the laboratory of mathematical modeling of electro physical processes (under the supervision of Professor E. M. Bazelyan), which actively participates in the development of documents: AD 34.21.12287 and IS 153-34.21 .122-2003.

It is worth mentioning that during 2 years of the service functioning, more than 1500 users used it and performed more than 5000 calculations.

Besides, quite recently (15 May) there was a webinar on the topic «Program software for calculation of lightning protection reliability for any objects in 30 minutes», dedicated to this service. We offer you a video recording of the webinar.

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