ZANDZ lightning protection online service: questions and answers

Answering the questions on the webinar “Calculation of the reliability of lightning protection of any object in 30 minutes using the ZANDZ calculation service”!

Zandz lightning protection calculation service

During the time allotted for the webinar about the ZANDZ lightning protection service, we did not have time to answer all questions from the audience. In addition, the requests for additional information came to us after the event. As promised, we answer the questions you asked most often:

1. With the help of the online service you have presented, you can only calculate the reliability of artificial lightning rods and down conductors, or is it possible to determine the reliability of the lightning protection provided by the metal structures of the building?

The lightning protection calculation service is able to calculate the reliability of the system, the frequency of lightning breakthroughs and the probability of it breaking into the system using both artificial and natural lightning conductors. You can also determine the frequency of lightning strikes into the system without lightning rods. The main thing is to indicate the metalwork of the building in the workspace and designate them as lightning rods.

2. What parameters are determined by the software?

  1. Average time between strikes to the system - this parameter shows how the average time in which one lightning strike to the system will happen

  2. Average time between breaks, bypassing protection - displays the average time between lightning breaks to an object, bypassing the lightning protection system. This is a very important parameter for assessing the need for lightning protection. Moreover, it is necessary to display both the protected object and the objects surrounding it as accurately as possible.

  3. System reliability the parameter Рз, defined in the documents IS 153-34.21.122-2003 and AD 34.21.122-87

  4. The total number of strikes to the system is the number of lightning strikes per year. On its basis, the parameter “Average time between lightning strikes into the system” is determined.

  5. The total number of breakthroughs is the number of lightning breakthroughs to an object per year, bypassing lightning protection.

  6. The probability of a breakthrough in the objects of the system- tells about the probability of a lightning breakthrough in the protection zone “System reliability” is defined as “1 - probability of a breakthrough."

3. What are the elements of the report that is generated by the service for calculating lightning protection?

The report contents:

  • date of the report;

  • description of the composition of the calculated system;

  • parameters of system elements: these are coordinates of all the protected objects and lightning rods;

  • calculation results;

  • references to NTD for the application of this software, namely to IS 153-34.21.122-2003 and Technical Circular No. 25/2009 of the Association “Roselektromontazh” “About the use of specialized software to calculate the efficiency of the protective effect of lightning rods”.

4. In what quality is the hemisphere considered - as a lightning rod or only as an object of protection?

All the lines and figures that the lightning protection service uses to describe the system can be considered as a “protected object” or “lightning rod”.

5. Were scientists involved in the creation of a lightning protection calculation service?
Yes. The computational core of the service was developed by the Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Electrophysical Processes at the OJSC Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute, under the supervision of Professor E. M. Bazelyan.

6. Did you show the calculations made by the service to Glavgosekspertiza?

Yes, the results of calculations that were carried out using an online service were presented to the authorities of the Main State Expertise. The result of the evaluation is positive! The designers with whom we cooperate told us about that. Let us recall that this software is recommended for use by Technical Circular 25/2009 and IS 153-34.21.122-2003.

7. Are the developers ready to improve the convenience of the service, or is this its final version?

ZANDZ lightning protection calculation service was launched in a test mode absolutely for free. This was done first of all so that everyone could test it and tell the developers their wishes and comments. You can send them to the In the subject of the email, please indicate: “Suggestions for improving the service for calculating lightning protection.” We will consider suggestions and make improvements to the service, based on the feedback received.

See the full record of the webinar “Calculation of the reliability of lightning protection of any object in 30 minutes using the ZANDZ calculation service” here. You can use the service for calculating the reliability of lightning protection system and the probability of a lightning breakthrough into an object for free (registration on the ZANDZ website is required).

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