An American researcher of air electricity, Tom A. Warner, has been studying and recording lightnings with a high-speed video camera for 15 years. The possibility to record the lightning strike development with time lapse of several thousand frames per second yields completely unique frames.

Slowly developing upward lightnings with streamer flashes supplying the main channel, multi-component lightnings, intercloud discharges: you won't be able to see this by the naked eye! The video that lasts for almost one hour allows seeing ultra-fast lightning development process, understand it better and make really sure of the complex nature of the lightning channel head orientation.

This complexity ensures the appearance of the statistical method for calculation of the protection of facilities against lightning strikes which has been developed by the employees of the Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute which is a core of the free online software provided at our website. Try to calculate the reliability of the designed or already made lightning protection.

And if you need asssistance, contact the ZANDZ Technical Center! We will provide a consultation and perform a calculation for you within several days, completely free of charge!

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