ZANDZ Inspection Well. Made in Russia

ZANDZ Inspection Well. Made in Russia

ZANDZ Inspection Well ZZ-550-002 provides a convenient access to connections of elements of lightning protection and grounding systems that require regular control. The well can be installed in any soil types as well as in asphalt and concrete surfaces. The item is made of a strong cold-resistant plastic, can hold the load up to 5 tons and has a beautiful appearance. Service life is 30 years.

The Russian production makes the inspection well accessible and high-quality. Accurate dimension drawings and sketch may help to consider all nuances when using wells in the grounding designs. The wells are suitable for the arrangement of the grounding arrangement of any type, including electrolytic.

Technical characteristics:
Weight: 2.6 kg
Length: 290 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 205 mm


Well sketch

Dimension drawing

Вид без крышки- View without a cap

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