Why Do We Need A Fuse Upstream of SDPs? Video

Why do we need a fuse upstream of SDPs? Video

Christian Macanda, Head of Standardization and Production of the French company Citel and member of the Association of Standardization of France AFNOR, has answered a common question "Why do we need a fuse upstream of SDPs?" during the webinar "European Technologies and Standards for AC Power Lines Surge Protection".See video for details: 

See full webinar "European Technologies and Standards for AC Power Lines Surge Protection" to know about pulse surges, their nature, forms, rating, consequences, and limitation methods. During the webinar, special attention is paid to SDPs. You will get to know about their components and capabilities, about modern technologies, about how to evaluate SDP characteristics as well as some common myths related to these devices.
The second part of the report is dedicated to European regulatory documents governing the need to use the SDP and defining the rules for choosing, installing, and testing the devices.
Understanding of the European approach to SDPs application obtained during the webinar will allow achieving valuable knowledge required to develop design solutions for the electrical equipment against repeated lightning manifestations.

If you have any questions regarding selection of the equipment for the lightning protection and grounding, ask the ZANDZ expert or request a calculation for your design!

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