Lightning protection of a famous car brand dealer

Car dealers are usually located in separate large  buildings. The larger the structure is, the more lightning it attracts. This can be checked in our service for calculating the reliability of the lightning protection system.

Молниезащита автосалона

Having learned that a building can be exposed to lightning strikes once every few years or even annually, no one wants to leave it unprotected.

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Calculate lightning protection and grounding for a car dealer.


Lightning protection calculation for a car dealer were carried out in accordance with the following documents:

  1. «Electric installation code» IEC 7 edition. (hereinafter -EIC).
  2. «Instruction on arrangement of lightning protection of buildings, structures and industrial communications» IS 153-34.21.122-2003 (hereinafter – IS)
  3. «Instruction on arrangement of lightning protection of buildings and structures» AD 34.21.122-87 (hereinafter- AD).

Lightning rods are used to protect structures from lightning strikes. A lightning rod consists of an interception rod, intercepting a lightning discharge, a down-conductor and a ground electrode. All these elements allow you to safely divert the lightning current to the ground without damage to the protected object.

Car dealers refers to the usual objects in terms of lightning protection in accordance with the IS and the 3rd category according to AD.

Description of lightning protection system for a car dealer

The set of measures to ensure the necessary requirements for the lightning protection system is represented by the following solutions:

  1. The lightning protection of the object is made in the form of a lightning mesh with the help of galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 8 mm, laid with a pitch of not more than 12x12 m. The mesh is designed so that the current has at least two different paths to the ground electrode.
  2. Fixation of down conductors is carried out (installation pitch 0,6-1m):
  3. The metal frame of the building is used as down conductors in accordance with items 1.6 and 2.12 of AD. Fixation of mesh to the frames and columns is carried out every 25 meters along the perimeter of the building with the help of clamps ZZ-005-064.
  4. All metal elements located on the roof must be fixed to the lightning mesh with the help of clamps ZZ-005-064.
  5. Connection and splitting of down conductors is carried out with the use of clamps GL-11551А.
  6. The natural ground electrode – the foundation of the building is used as a ground electrode in accordance with items 1.8 and 2.13 of AD.

In accordance with the AD, it is recommended to use conductive structures of the building as down conductors: metal frame, reinforcing mesh of reinforced concrete structures, reinforced glass, etc. providing electrical contact throughout the height of the building.

It is also recommended to use a natural ground electrode as a grounding device - a reinforced concrete foundation. To connect the down-conductors, it is necessary to carry out releases of the reinforcement or to ensure continuous connection with the structures that perform the role of the down-conductors. When using polymer compositions for waterproofing the foundation, the foundation cannot be used as a grounding electrode.

The arrangement of the lightning protection system elements and the grounding device is shown in Figure 1.

Проект молниезащиты автосалона

условные обозначения Type Codes
зажим для подключения к металлокаркасу clamp for connection to metal frame
зажим для соединения токоотводов clamp for connection of down conductors
водосточная воронка roof outlet
фонари с автоматически открываемыми фрамугами lamps with automatically opening vent sashes

Figure 1. Plan with the layout of lightning protection and grounding device elements

Components for lightning protection and grounding of a car dealer

Product item Name Quantity, pc.
Система молниезащиты
1. ZZ-502-008-125 ZANDZ steel galvanized wire (D 8 mm / S 50 mm²; coil of 125 m) 8
2. GL-11551A GALMAR Clamp for connecting down conductors (painted galvanized steel) 60
3. GL-11711 GALMAR Clamp on a flat roof for down conductor (D8 mm; plastic, concrete) 950
4. GL-11703A GALMAR Clamp to the facade/wall for down conductor with elevation (height 15 mm; galvanized steel with paint) 30
5. ZZ-005-064 ZANDZ Clamp for connecting down conductor (up to 40 mm) 20

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