GALMAR company is one of the best manufacturers of products used for the creation of grounding devices on the basis of vertical rods made of copper-bonded steel, stainless steel and pure copper.

The use of GALMAR copper-bonded ground rods is most common, they are made of steel with a protective copper coating at least 0.250 mm thick, ensuring a guaranteed service life of the device up to 100 years.

Стержень для системы заземления GALMAR

The design of the rods, which can be interconnected and immersed into the soil to the depth of 40 meters, allows to achieve low ground resistance on a small area. The installation is carried out by one person without the use of construction and specialized machinery.

  • Ground rods - the main element of the grounding system, it "touches" soil with its total surface area, which reduces the overall resistance of the ground electrode.

Стержни заземления

Муфты и штифты
  • Tips - elements that simplify the process of installation of threaded and unthreaded ground rods.
Наконечники заземления
  • Grounding heads and driving heads are designed to simplify the process of burying the ground rods, as well as to increase the security of both people and tools.
Головки направляющие
  • clamps allow to connect the electrode with the grounding conductor, the electrode with the electrode or the conductor with the conductor.
  • Fittings and adapters - elements that allow to make installation of the ground electrode with a sledgehammer or a jackhammer
Насадки и переходники
  • Conducting grease is used to reduce the electrical resistance between the ground rods and the coupler, as well as for additional protection of rods edges (in the coupler) from corrosion.

(Replaced by the grease ZANDZ

Смазка токопроводящая
  • Anti-corrosion tape is used to protect connection of the ground rod with the ground conductor (clamp) from electrochemical and soil corrosion by complete displacement of water (moisture) from the connection point, without which the corrosion process is impossible.
Лента антикоррозионная
  • Inspection pits are used to facilitate access to the place of the electrode connection (rod) and the ground conductor.
Колодцы инспекционные
  • Copper-bonded wire is used as a grounding conductor with a very long service life - guaranteed service life of 30 years.
Проволока омедненная
  • Copper-bonded tape is used as a ground conductor with a very long service life - guaranteed service life of 30 years.
Полоса омедненная

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