Product item: LE-487-850

Spark arresters TC 100 and TC 500 are equipped with a patented fail-safe system (safety of the user and the system in case of arrester damage) and meets the current stringent requirements of the world standard of explosion-proofness EX (have ATEX certification). They are used in cathodic protection systems, as well as in any explosive environment.

  • Made of high-quality industrial ceramics;
  • the arrester is filled with an inert gas and is hermetically insulated;
  • does not contain any radioactive substances;
  • very low breakdown voltage;
  • very high resistance to lightning currents: 100 kA (10 / 350μs);
  • high reliability;
  • stable performance, long service life;
  • two-level fault-safe system (fail-safe) to ensure maximum security;
  • TC 100 A / K1 (includes cable for connection)
  • patented product.
Static firing voltage, V
Product item
TC 100 A 100 (+/- 20%) LE-487-830
TC 500 A 500 (+/- 15%) LE-487-850


LE-487-830 - 40 380,00 Руб.

LE-487-850 - 42 120,00 Руб. (под заказ)

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TC 100/TC 500