Device for removing induced currents of industrial frequency PLPro

Product item: LE-550-441

Cathodic protection of the pipeline - an expensive system very sensitive to the effects of various kinds.

It often happens that the pipeline is in close proximity to the transmission lines or from the railway. Both systems have a negative impact on the cathodic protection system, because they induce an AC voltage in it, often exceeding supply voltage of a cathodic protection system.

In collaboration with SWISSGAS (Switzerland) LEUTRON developed PLPro(PipeLineProtection) - a device for removal of induced currents, which guarantees protection against this type of threat. PLPro drains the induced alternating currents into the grounding device, thereby ensuring the proper operation of the cathodic protection system.

Furthermore, PLPro includes protection from direct effects of lightning. A special gas-filled surge arrester is able to drain current of up to 100 kA (10/350 ms).

As PLPro requires no maintenance, investments in the installation of these elements very quickly pay off.

Rated drained current (50 Hz), A
Product item
PLPro-40A 40 LE-550-424
PLPro-80A-iV 80 LE-550-441


LE-550-424 - 346 200,00 Руб.

LE-550-441 - 789 400,00 Руб. (под заказ)

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