ZANDZ has visited the "Integrated High Voltage Test Bed" in Istra

ZANDZ visited & quot; Integrated High Voltage Stand & quot; in Istra

October 16, a group of design engineers together with the ZANDZ team have visited the "Integrated High Voltage Test Bed" unique scientific installation presented in the Moscow suburban town Istra city with the support of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics named after academician E.I.Zababakhin of the State Corporation "Rosatom." This test bed contains several installations, one of which allows to simulate the lightning discharge development stages.

Vladimir Stepanovich Sysoev told about the history of the stand

The head of the group, the head of works at the test bed, Vladimir Stepanovich Sysoev, spoke about the history of the test bed, the operation principles and features of the installation, works and studies performed on the unique equipment, cases from practice, and much more. Urgent questions about the incomplete study of lightning and the imperfection of the regulatory framework of Russia were raised during the discussion. In conclusion, RSRI employees conducted a demonstration of the installation – a breakdown of an air gap more than 4 meters long!

Integrated High Voltage Stand

In addition, Professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan spoke about the tests conducted at these facilities under his guidance.

Professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan spoke about the tests carried out at these facilities under his guidance

Also, the meeting participants visited the stationary electromagnetic pulse simulator "ALLUR", which is designed for testing and research of civilian infrastructure facilities (electric power industry, power supply, communication systems, computer terminals and various equipment) for resistance to powerful electromagnetic pulses of industrial and natural origin.

stationary simulator of electromagnetic pulse

The event was very informative and interesting! We have high hopes that the booth installations in the future will be modernized and will serve as reliable support for Russian scientists in experimental studies!

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