Informal meeting of experts in Moscow!

An informal meeting with the representatives of ZANDZ Experts Club in Moscow was held on 12 May. We are happy to tell you about this meeting!

Most Experts from the club live in Moscow, that is why, our capital was chosen after Novosibirsk for an informal meeting. The venue was the wonderful Czech beer restaurant with its own brewery and delicious variety of snacks. In addition to the feast, The Experts took part in an exciting excursion around the brewery.

excursion around the brewery

The hockey championship created additional pleasant and friendly mood. At the VTB ice stadium, not far from the restaurant, there was a match, "Russia-Denmark" right during the meeting with the Experts. Our team won with a score of 10: 1! The broadcast was carried out in the restaurant full of fans that complemented the already positive atmosphere.

Informal meeting of Club Experts

There were representatives of electric companies and design institutes among the Experts at the meeting. The colleagues shared fun and interesting stories about the installation of grounding, which they faced in work and shared their experiences and achievements. The information that modular grounding can be installed to the depth of 42 meters was pleasantly perceived. This installation was made by one of the Experts in the Irkutsk region.
We are grateful to the Experts that took part in the informal meeting!


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