What are down conductors used for? Article at ZANDZ website by Prof. E. M. Bazelyan

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Lightning Protection for Newbies now has a new article written by Prof. Edward M. Bazelyan, Doctor of Technical Sciences. A brief description is provided below:

The lightning protection system involves various elements, the most important of which are: a lightning rod and a grounding device. A lightning rod should be metallically connected to the grounding electrode. A down conductor ensures this connection. The metal structure of supports or respective conductors installed, for instance, along the perimeter of building walls perform this function. It would seem that everything is clear and requires no explanation. Nevertheless, the experts continue to study down conductors more thoroughly every year. Such an increased interest to a passively behaving piece of iron deserves attention.

Which factors in the calculations are important to professional , how many down conductors there should be, and what is so frightening in the electromagnetic fields generated by current passing through down conductors is described in our new article.

Descriptions of lightning protection system elements: 


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