On Wednesday, October 7 2015 there was a webinar about the Club of Experts ZANDZ.com - "How to work in a personal account?". At the online meeting the main sources of transitions of customers to the Club of Experts, as well as the minimum necessary actions to attract their attention were studied. Particular attention was paid to the importance of filling the profile of an expert in the personal account of the Club of Experts ZANDZ.com: contact information, works done and achievements. All these sections - one of the main factors influencing the formation of the first impressions of a potential client about an Expert. See more in the video of the event!

ZaNDZ.com Club of Experts is a unique meeting place for buyers and suppliers  of products and services of grounding and lightning protection. The new series of webinars is focused on electricians, designers and sellers who have already entered   ZANDZ.com Club of Experts and those who are just going to do it. The duration of the webinars is not more than 30 minutes, during which the basics of interaction between Experts and customers in the ZANDZ.com Club of Experts is studied. Currently three online activities are scheduled, you can sign up for them on this page. Follow for announcements of our events!

The next Webinar - ZANDZ.com Experts Club - Orders for services, October 21.

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