It became even easier to select the appropriate surge protection device! On our webcsite there is a convenient guide for the selection of SPD for protection of the following systems and networks:

  • low-voltage electrical supply networks;
  • telecommunication systems (telephony);
  • Internet network;
  • TV (including satellite), radio and video equipment;
  • measurement and control systems.

The guide contains auxiliary schemes and useful illustrations, so anyone even without any experience in electrics can get through in the variety of surge protection devices. Below is an example of a guide fragment, which shows a simple and clear description of a safety device used in the TNC / TNS systems for buildings without external lightning protection system with indirect lightning strike risk, and where this device should be mounted.

A fragment of the Guidelines for the selection of SPD

A fragment of the Guidelines for the selection of SPD

риск непрямого удара молнии

risk of indirect lightning strike



место установки 

installation place

здание без системы внешней молниезащиты и без нулевого защитного проводника. Начиная с УЗИП класса 2 в главном распределительном щите

building without external lightning protection and zero protective conductor

жилые здания/больницы, промышленные/коммерческие объекты 

residential building/hospitals, industrial/commercial objects

расстояние между главным/этажным или совмещенным распределительным щитом > 10 м

Distance between the main/staged or combined distribution board >10 m

Those who are only beginning to learn the electrical engineering and want to understand all the notations, will also appreciate a large list of electrotechnical terms with clear definitions. What is a "variable resistor", where to install SPDs for satellite TV systems and what devices to use for the protection of ISDN connections, see a separate page of the Guidelines for the selection of SPDs!

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