How to arrange for grounding in a private / country house?

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How to arrange for grounding in a private house / cottage is one of the most popular questions in the warm period of a year. 

In order to find the answer, first of all, we will consider the requirements and recommendations.

If you are NOT going to connect lightning protection and gas equipment to the grounding in ordinary clay soil,  high-quality local (double) grounding should possess the recommended resistance of 30 ohm maximum (with phase-to-phase  voltage of 220V from a single-phase power supply or phase-to-phase voltage of 380V from a  three-phase power supply).

As you see, an important factor when choosing a grounding device is a soil resistivity on site (for more details please refer to). In most allotments (particularly in the central part of Russia) clay and loam prevail, with specific resistance of 50 to 150 Ohm.

A grounding device from the ZZ-6 Set (Grounding in a Private House) ensures the specific resistance of  about 20 to 4 Ohm in such soils.

Thus, this kit is enough to settle the above requirement.

A grounding device from the ZZ-6 Set

Why should you choose this kit?


  1. Quality. The material is the highest quality coppered steel from the Global manufacturer . The thickness of the copper coating is 250 microns. This ensures long service life, in contrast to angle steel, which decomposes after 10 years.
  2. Easy mounting The kit is mounted within  a couple of hours with a hammer. Welding is not required, so you don't have to search for the welding machine or hire a welder.
  3. Packaging. All components are packed in a handy box with handle (see. Photo). This box weighs 12 kg. Thus, it is quite a 'bearable' load, again in contrast to steel angles, for which a truck should be ordered.

The video demonstrates the installation process.

If you plan to connect grounding with lightning protection or gas equipment, it is recommended to use a longer modular ground electrode system.

Read more about ZZ-6, Grounding in a Private House.   

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