Hot new products from ZANDZ!

There are some awesome and literally hot new products in the catalog that will come in handy when installing grounding and lightning protection!

They include off-the-shelf exothermic welding kits designed to create a reliable and durable contact between grounding electrodes - various combinations of vertical pins, round horizontal conductors and tapes. Connections made by an exothermic reaction will never weaken or rust, which will satisfy even the most demanding client. The kits allow the quick and easy connection of the necessary parts without any special skills, knowledge or welding qualifications.

Exothermic welding kit Exothermic welding kit Exothermic welding kit

The new products consist of two groups of kits:

  1. ZANDZ single-use kits. This is a low-cost solution that makes it possible to connect a round conductor and grounding pin. Available in three versions that differ in the number of conductors that can be attached.
  2. Reusable - equipment kits for making up to 40 welded connections between a round conductor, tape and grounding pin. Will be indispensable for assembly workers at large facilities.

In addition to the aforementioned kits, the supply and delivery of individual kits, assembled for a certain purpose, is also possible. In order to choose the necessary equipment kit, please contact our technical specialists.

Taking into account all its merits and advantages over traditional connecting methods, exothermic welding can worthily be considered the best solution for connecting grounding and lightning protection elements.

The new products are in stock at the Moscow warehouse and we are ready for your order now! Do not miss the opportunity to experience all the advantages of exothermic welding at your facilities!

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