Vertical lightning rod

There are new high-rise lightning rods from Russian suppliers in ZANDZ.com catalogue:

1. Vertical lightning rod 8-14 m:

  • ZZ-201-008 - 8 meters
  • ZZ-201-010 - 10 meters
  • ZZ-201-012 - 12 meters
  • ZZ-201-014 - 14 meters

2. Vertical lightning rod 16-20 m:

  • ZZ-201-016 - 16 meters
  • ZZ-201-018 - 18 meters
  • ZZ-201-020 - 20 meters

Lightning rods are intended to take lightning strike upon themselves and "transfer" its current to the ground electrode through the down conductors. Given that lightning usually strikes into the highest point, lightning rods should be located much higher than the protected object. For this purpose high air terminals-masts are used (read the article about lightning protection from Professor E.M. Bazelyan "Lightning protection of residential and public buildings").

In addition to the height, the new products have different design. So, vertical lightning rods 8-14 meters high represent a set consisting of a high base-support and lightning rods placed on this base. The main length comes to the base: 6, 8, 10 and 12 meters. The length of the rod - 2 meters. In the lower part of the base there is a hatch that allows to hold installation and operation of the grounding device. The main components are made of galvanized steel, which corresponds to the current regulations. Also, the kit of vertical lightning rods 8-14 meters high includes fastening elements for fastening the rod on the base and embedded elements for the foundation.

Unlike lower lightning rods consisting of the base and the rod, vertical lightning rods 16-20 meters high represent a whole "mast" 16, 18 and 20 meters. The package also includes: a hatch for installation and inspection of the grounding device and additional elements for the foundation. The design and material of these lightning rods allows to place them in the I-II wind areas, but it is also possible to develop individual design of a lightning rod upon request.

The new products are manufactured in Russia, which provides a lower price compared to the foreign counterparts. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the delivery speed of the order. We draw your attention to the fact that the supply of new products is currently carried out only upon request. 

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