What grounding is chosen by the European experts?

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Proper selection of materials - the main condition for the durability and efficiency of the grounding system.  Selection of incompatible materials may affect not only the efficiency of the entire system, but also lead to accelerated corrosion of ground electrodes, which will result in their rapid breakdown.

Currently, the use of a foundation ground electrode at all new construction sites is widespread. A foundation ground electrode is an effective solution for grounding of electrical and lightning protection systems. Often such a ground electrode is connected to the external artificial ground electrodes in order to reduce ground resistance, or ensure compliance with other regulatory requirements.

What grounding is chosen by the European experts?

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According to the requirements of modern regulations, metal elements of an artificial ground electrode laid in the ground, connected to the foundation, should be made only of copper, stainless steel or copper-bonded steel.The use of galvanized steel is unacceptable due to a great difference between the electrochemical potentials of galvanized steel in the ground and concrete, which contributes to accelerated corrosion of the external ground electrode (galvanized steel). Whereas copper or copper-bonded steel has a potential almost equal to the potential of steel in concrete and the standards recommendations are explained by this circumstance. 

Designers and installers should pay particular attention to the selection of the required materialin order to ensure the longevity of grounding systems. 

Especially for this, the European experts in the field of building grounding and lightning protection systems prepared the material, which gives a clear answer to this question.

Read our article "Grounding systems. Recommendations of European standards" , which clearly explains the following aspects:

  • requirements of all modern standards
  • nuances that should be taken into account at the choice of materials
  • descriptions and comparisons of popular technologies of anticorrosion protection of a ground electrode. 

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