V Russian conference on lightning protection

Dear Colleagues,
On 17 -19 May 2016 the V Russian conference on lightning protection will be held in the Ballroom of the hotel "Astoria" in St. Petersburg. This event highlights the research activities on lightning, as well as modern means of protection against the effects of lightning on different objects.

V Russian conference on lightning protection

The well-known Russian and international scientists, employees of scientific and technical centers, electric grid companies, as well as representatives of business, associated with lightning protection will take part in the conference.

Among the distinguished participants the familiar professor Eduard Meerovitch Bazelyan, a member of the scientific committee of the conference, will take part in the event. Eduard Meerovitch will make several reports: "The problem of the norming of lightning protection in Russia", "Peculiarities of using SPDs for protection against multicomponent lightning" and others.

The participants of the V Russian conference on lightning protection will have the opportunity not only to hear presentations by national and international experts in lightning protection, but also ask all your questions directly to the speakers during the report, as well as on the sidelines.

ZANDZ project will also participate in the conference, making a presentation on the topic "The use of insulation systems from lightning strikes on high-rise buildings." Our audience is already familiar with this topic due to several webinars and publications on the ZANDZ.com site. It deals with lightning protection system - dissipation array system, which has been world-known for more than 40 years. The system has a different operating principle: in contrast to the traditional lightning protection, dissipation array system creates conditions in which lightning can not be formed, and thus the protected object is completely isolated from lightning. The report will be presented by Alexey Rozhankov and Dmitry Krasnoborov on the second day of the conference - 18 May at 10 am.

You can learn more information about the event program and speakers on the conference website.
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