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Two events that cannot be missed! project prepared two super important webinars for designers that should not be missed! We invite everyone!

June 24 at 11.00 Moscow time

Answers to your questions on grounding and lightning protection

Answers to your questions on grounding and lightning protection

E.M. Bazelyan

E.M. Bazelyan, D.Eng. Sc., professor,

G.M. Krzyzanowski Energy institute, Moscow, acknowledged Russian expert in grounding and lightning protection

Over the past eight webinars with professor E.M. Bazelyan we received a lot of questions on the design of lightning protection and grounding, which can be referred to the following groups:

  1. Energy facilities and substations.
  2. Telecommunication facilities.
  3. Sensitive medical equipment:
  4. Lightning protection of residential buildings.
  5. Other questions and theses. The online meeting we will focus on traditional and modern methods of lightning protection.

A full list of items for discussion, as well as videos of the previous webinars, see here.



1 July at 16:00 Moscow time

Modern lightning protection. Dissipation Array® System

Modern lightning protection. Dissipation Array® System

Joe Lanzoni

Joe Lanzoni, Vice President of Sales for the company Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, has more than 18 years of experience in the field of lightning protection, grounding and surge protection. He is a member of several
national technical committees.

The company with 40-year-old history Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc (LEC), United States, will make a presentation on traditional and modern methods of lightning protection.

Theses for discussion:

  1. The physical nature of lightning;
  2. Primary and secondary effects of lightning activity;
  3. Traditional lightning protection systems;
  4. Acquaintance with Dissipation Array System (DAS);
  5. Use of DAS system.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc (LEC), USA, has been working in the lightning protection business for 40 years and has been developing truly unique technologies and devices used in more than 70 countries around the world!

For example, a system that allows to eliminate the lightning development into the protected object - Dissipation Array System and the technology simultaneously reducing the risk of direct lightning strikes and working as a standard lightning rod - Spline Ball Terminal®.



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Venue: online.
What you need to participate: computer, internet access, headphones.
Duration of the event: 60 - 90 minutes.

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