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It's not a secret that a properly executed external lightning protection system is able to protect your home from physical destruction in the result of a lightning strike. But how to protect electrical appliances, which are at risk from lightning impulse overvoltage? A complex approach is required here: in addition to the organization of external lightning protection, internal is also needed - SPDs.

It is not hard to choose SPDs for your private home /summer cottage! There is a complete guide on our site for organizing reliable surge protection of private house / cottage.

surge protection device

Устройство защиты от импульсных перенапряжений – surge protection device

The manual provides guidance for the facilities with different types of power supply:

1. Low-voltage power supply network protection:

2. Protection of television and computer equipment:

For each case the manual provides guidance on the limiter model and indicates a place of its installation, which makes the choice even easier.

Read full manual on a separate page!

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