Is satellite TV without interference possible?

In most cases, satellite antennas and dishes are installed on roofs, which increases the probability of a lightning strike. 

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The consequences may vary, from interferences in the signal to a complete failure of the receiving equipment. 

To ensure a high-quality signal and avoid unwanted repair costs it is necessary to protect this equipment.
For this purpose,  air terminal masts are used to create a protective zone preventing a direct lightning strike into satellite dishes and other equipment. In addition, all signal lines inside the building are to be protected from the surge by special devices. For example, to help ensure the safety of signal lines, you can use ZOP-SAT devices offered by RST.

DSXL series (GSM system)

Молниеприемная мачта Air terminal mast
Изолирующие элементы Insulating components
Серия DSXL (системы GSM) DSXL series (GSM system)
Изолирующее расстояние Insulating distance
Изоляционное расстояние Insulation distance
Антенна GSM GSM antenna
Спутниковая антенна Satellite antenna
Панель заземления Grounding panel
Шина основной системы уравнивания потенциалов Main equipotential bonding system bus
Место установки элемента защиты от перенапряжений SPD installation place
Защитные проводники Protective conductors
Токоотвод Down conductors
r-радиус сферы качения R – rolling sphere radius
MDS+24-F-F (системы спутникового ТВ) MDS+24-F-F (satellite TV systems)

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