Important: The new "album of standard solutions" from!

Dear friends, we are expecting an updated version of the "Album of standard solutions. Annex to the method of calculating grounding devices and lightning protection (set of drawings).The application comes in the form of examples of project documentation, with the use of ZANDZ and GALMAR products, description of the product characteristics and consistent manual on the installation. You can download the current version of the album of standard solutions in PDF format here.

Album of standard solutions
Album of standard solutions

New standard solutions were added to the album:

  • surge protection devices (SPD);
  • on high-rise catenary wire lightning protection;
  • by freestanding lightning rods.

In addition to the calculations of grounding devices, the booklet contains useful information to designers, such as a table of calculating typical structures of grounding devices depending on the electrical resistivity values of soils of many types.

We will be happy to show you the new release on 25 July! Order a free brochure by contacting ZANDZ Technical Center! Send your questions about design and construction of grounding devices and lightning protection to the social networks:

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